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Fitch-Denney Funeral Home
455 Ridge Avenue
Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025
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At a time of loss, it's important and comforting to surround ourselves with family and friends with those who want to share their strength and support to help us through the exceptionally difficult moments within the grieving process. We also need help from others who can carry our ordinary burdens for a while, such as making contacts and decisions that pull us away from our task of parting with a loved one. We at Fitch-Denney appreciate the individual, and we celebrate the value that each person brings to the lives of others. This factor provides us with a sense of caring and we are sincere when we say that we feel your personal loss. Each person deserves to be served with dignity at the end, and that is an integral part of our philosophy. The entire staff at Fitch-Denney is devoted to assisting you at this difficult time, through compassionate understanding and assisting with the many details that need not bother you or your family.